A Nick Off The Wood Block!

I'm not sure, but it's possible that I first encountered Wally Wood by way of the proxy work of the great Jim Steranko. Steranko built an incredible reputation on a tiny amount of actual comic book work, but covers such as the one above for Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD #6 are certainly part of the reason. Steranko takes you into outer space alongside the crusty secret agent but it's those fascinating togs he's wearing which make the strongest impression. That suit full of buckles, buttons and snaps has a tactile quality rare on a mere comics page. Steranko might've changed the bubble helmet to a bullet-shaped one, but there's no denying the lineage.

But as I learned Steranko was merely paying homage to an earlier talent, the great Wally Wood who drew those space suits over a decade earlier in many a space opera for EC Comics.

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Even that pose was somewhat lifted from a vintage EC cover by Woody. It's not something Woody could object to really, he himself did it, blending the work of others into his own in a wonderful fresh brew. But seeing the source is enlightening. 

Rip Off


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