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Wally Wood was a great comic book artist.

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I doubt few will have cause to dispute that assertion, save perhaps folks who only ever saw work from Wood at the very end of his career when his health prevented him from doing it as he wished it to be done. I've been digging around in my back room stacks and a number of Wally Wood projects jumped up at me and demanded I give them some time. That led to questions which led to my spending yet more time and even some cash on Amazon bringing even more Wally Wood material to my door. It began to stack up and I knew I'd need to spend some days digging through one of the handsomest Wood pile anyone has ever seen.

So this month will feature a number of posts about different projects Wood worked on, and possibly some things his many acolytes have done. A significant number dandy comic book artists owe a great deal to Wood, by all accounts an affable if tragically flawed human being. Folks seemed to like Woody, despite some spectacular antics, most of those a result of the bottle. Wood worked in the 50's, the 60's, and the 70's before ending his career and life by his own hand in 1981. He worked for DC, Marvel, Harvey, Avon, Tower, Warren, Charlton, and many more including himself with several self-published books such witzend. His most famous client was EC Comics where he was instrumental in making that legendary company what it was. He drew science fiction, horror, superheroes, westerns, crime, and humor and stuff that  defies category.

Wally Wood was a great comic book artist. This month at the Dojo we'll see why as we look at his work as well as the work of those who influenced him (Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon for sure) and those he in turn influenced (Nick Cuti just one among a multitude). That's a pretty wide swathe through the world of comics.

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And of course there might be other items of interest as well.

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